When Should You Hire an Elder Law Attorney to Help Your Senior Parent?

In most nursing homes, senior residents are treated respectfully and provided with services to maximize their quality of life. There are rare instances in which seniors are either neglected or abused in some way. When you can recognize when your senior parent is suffering, you’ll be able to tell when it’s time to hire a Libertyville elder law attorney.


The biggest problem with senior care comes in the form of neglect. Before placing your senior loved one in any care facility, be sure the facility has a good ratio of caregivers to residents. If your parent is already in a nursing home, watch for signs of long-term neglect, such as malnutrition or dehydration. If their living quarters are in a state of disrepair, this may be another sign of neglect.

Physical and Sexual Abuse

Being more observant of your parent’s physical condition can alert you to this type of problem. In particular, look for bruising around the neck, wrists, ankles, or around the genitalia. You should also pay attention to how your parent reacts when staff members are near. If they cower or become uncharacteristically quiet, this may be a sign of abuse.

Financial Abuse

You should also know to contact a Libertyville elder law firm if you notice discrepancies in your parent’s finances. Look for services that are charged but not provided or extra services that were not requested. A staff member may convince your parent to give them their debit card or provide them with cash, so you should also keep a close eye on your parent’s spending patterns.

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