When Sleeve Gastrectomy is the Right Option

Many people struggle with weight issues especially now that our eating habits have degenerated to unhealthy levels. Lifestyles have changed and people no longer have time to sit and eat healthy meals with the family like they used to. Fast foods have taken over and currently, the numbers of obese people are on the rise. A recent study recently showed that obesity is most common among American teenagers.

Obesity can sometimes be fatal because it increases the risk of developing more complications such as strokes and heart disease. Depending on the level of obesity, treatment options vary from healthy eating, exercising, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass, or a combination of all the above.

If one is suffering from obesity, they should visit a doctor and the first thing to do is to change their lifestyles. Eating healthy is important. One should incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables in their meals in place of donuts, pizza, and fries. There are many diets available. You can get a recommendation from the doctor as they know best what is in excess in your body and what is not. Some diets may be effective but unhealthy and so it is vital that one knows what results the diet will have.

Exercising is also a great way of treating obesity. One can get into a good routine of working out about three times a week. With the correct exercises and the correct training, one can lose a lot of pounds over a long period of time.

Exercising and healthy eating require a lot of discipline. The results may not be immediate and some people suffering from obesity may be discouraged by this. However, it is all worth it in the long run.

There are some people who suffer from extreme cases of obesity where the situation may call for more drastic treatment options such as sleeve gastrectomy. This is especially necessary if the situation has become life threatening and the individual is facing potential risk from their condition.

Normally, many people go for and are more aware of a gastric bypass; however, in cases of extreme obesity, the surgical procedure for a gastric bypass is risky and sleeve gastrectomy is a safer method to go by.

One can begin to experience weight loss after the sleeve gastrectomy and in such a case; one would not require a second surgery. However, in most cases, sleeve gastrectomy is normally performed first to pave way and later it is converted to gastric bypass.

The process involves reduction of the stomach by about 75% through surgery of the major curve. The open edges are then stapled together to form a banana shape. It is easy to lose weight using the procedure as this will greatly decrease the amount of food one eats because they get full after eating a little food to fill their reduced stomach.

Your surgeon should be able to recommend sleeve gastrectomy if they feel that it is necessary, otherwise, ensure that you stick to a healthy routine.

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