When to Call a Siding Company in Franklin Square NY

One of the most important features of a home is the siding. The material is not just an aesthetic addition, although it does add a lot of visual appeals. Siding is what helps to insulate a home to keep it more energy efficient. It shelters against rain and wind and prevents insects and other pests from invading the home. Replacement of the siding helps to protect the beauty and value of a home. Identify the problems early to avoid any unnecessary repairs.

Utility Bills Increase

A higher utility bill could mean the siding is no longer shielding the house. Not only will new siding lower those costs and help the homeowner to save money, but it also increases home comfort. A siding company in Franklin Square NY can recommend the most energy-efficient siding to prevent cold drafts in the winter and lower the temperature during the hottest days of the year.

Material has Warped

Warped and buckled siding can happen for several reasons. The original installation was done poorly, the siding was a poor-quality material that could not withstand the elements, or there is water damage to the home. Water damage is the most concerning because it could lead to structural problems or mold if it has had time to spread. However, replace the siding even if there does not seem to be any water damage. The warping and buckling will now make it easier for the rain to run under the siding and cause a problem.

Siding is Unsightly

The original color can fade, repainted siding can peel and bubble, and mold or algae may grow on the house in shaded areas. Homeowners can clean and paint their house to improve its appearance, but the work will need to be done again in a couple of years, and a couple of years afterward. Installation of new siding by a Siding Company in Franklin Square NY instantly boosts the appearance and value of the home.

Companies like Dreams to Reality Home Design can help people to make repairs to their home exterior, but when the siding is over 10 years old, a repair may only prolong the problem. Replacement is often a better solution. Contact a siding company in Franklin Square NY for more information and a project estimate.

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