When Will You Need an SSD Attorney?

In the US and most developed countries, there are social government programs designed to provide financial assistance to those who suffer from a physical or mental disability. In the US the program is managed by the Social Security Administration. Although there is a defined program in place to provide financial assistance to these people, qualifying for help can be quite complicated and as a result they often turn to a SSDI attorney for help and guidance.

There are a number of programs available for disability applicants although the two programs that are most often used are SSDI and SSI. Although they are both managed by the Social Security Administration there are very definite differences between the two.

SSDI, Social Security Disability Insurance is a program that is available to those who are disabled and have been employed. This program is funded by FICA taxes taken from an employee’s wages, to be qualified for benefits the applicant must have Accumulated a specific number of work credits, the disability must meet the criteria of the SSA and the disability must be expected to either last at least 12 months or result in the death of the disabled individual.

SSI, Supplemental Security Income, on the other hand is a program that provides some degree of financial assistance to those who do not otherwise qualify for SSDI. Adults who have never worked can apply as can children, as long as they are disabled and can prove it and they have very little in the way of countable assets. Although SSI provides minimal monthly income it will make the recipient eligible for Medicaid which of course is a significant benefit.

Applicants for either of these programs can be faced with a complicated and often frustrating application process. Although almost everyone is aware of Social Security most people think of it as a benefit that people get upon reaching retirement age and have very little, if any, knowledge of the system. This lack of knowledge is the primary reason why applicants employ the services of a SSDI attorney, a legal professional that can guide and assist them throughout the entire process.

It is extremely important to a disabled person to win his or her claim for benefits; in many cases, as little as it may be, the money is the disabled person’s sole source of financial support.

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