Where to Get Payday Loans

by | Mar 24, 2013 | finance

The stack of bills seems to keep getting bigger and bigger each month, but this month you can’t get them all paid with the money that came in. So what do you do, not pay them? There is a different answer that can work for you. Get one of the payday loans in Omaha so that the bills are paid and you don’t have to worry about late fees for any of them.  How do you find where to get a loan that works for your situation?
How to Find a Location

There are a couple of ways to find a payday loans in Omaha location. First, do a search of the Internet for one that is closest to your home or work location. See what their hours are and if it fits in to your schedule to get there that day. One can search on a computer or a cell phone with Internet access to find the closest location.

Second, when the Internet is not around, try the good old phonebook for locations. They will list the loans in Omaha offices by location most of the time, so you can still find which one is closest to you. If you aren’t sure how close they are, call and ask! You have their phone number after all.
Third, pay attention to what is located outside of your work location or where you drive. There is a good chance you drive by at least one when you go to do any grocery shopping, banking or head to work. Their store hours will be posted outside and you will see an open sign if they are open.

What to Look For

Once you have a location spotted to get a cash advance, review them online (if that is how you found them) or ask questions to the clerk working. The questions that need to be asked are how easy is it to get the money you need, what are the repayment terms and how much can you qualify for?

Most of the time the money will be fairly easy to get if the required paperwork is in your hand. The paperwork includes ID, bank statements, a check stub, a loan application and a blank check from the checking account you use.

The most important questions are the terms surrounding repayment. How long do you have to repay the money you borrowed? What is the interest rate on the money you are borrowing? Does it go up the longer it takes you to pay it back?

Lastly, see how they determine your eligibility on a loan amount. It might be based on credit or it could be based on your salary. Ask ahead so you know exactly how much you can get before you borrow it.

Getting loans in Omaha is a fairly straightforward process. Simply call one of the Access America offices at 402-553-2274 to set up an appointment or stop by in person to get a cash advance.

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