Which Designers to Avoid for Your Home Interior Design Project in Naples, FL

To become accomplished to handle home interior design projects, designers must possess a license from the National Council of Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). Some designers might even choose to become members of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). A good designer will have to complete a degree course in order to maintain a license from any of these esteemed organizations. So, if are planning on engaging a professional for you home interior design, you must keep the following don’ts in mind while assigning your designing project.

Whom Not to Assign Your Home Interior Design Project

Keep the following aspects in mind in order to avoid choosing a wrong home interior designer for your home:

  • Interior decorators

People always confuse between the two professions – interior designer and interior decorator. Even though both create beautiful rooms, the former deals with structural and architectural facts whereas the latter deals with elements of decoration only. A home interior design includes size of window openings or the doors, correct positioning of closets and outlets and the ways in which the room will be used.

An interior decorator simply creates a color palette, chooses accessories, furnishings and fabrics. However, if you want to add functionality and comfort to your home, a designer has to be hired for the project.

  • Types of designers

Different designers specialize in designs for populations, senior citizens, special-needs, schools and children. You must not choose a designer who is not well versed with ergonomics, which is concerned with the bond between furniture, products and humans.

  • Scope of the project

You must choose a designer who has experience and can show you a wide variety of options suiting your budget. Your designer should be able to help you deal with a realistic budget based on the designs you choose. If he decides the budget and plans all by himself and forces you to give an approval on it, show him the door. Visit Eblinteriors.com for more details.

  • Interviews

If you have chosen a few designers for your project and you are confused about who to finalize, be sure to interview them thoroughly. You can decide on the basis of the following:

  • Check their educational backgrounds and their team size.

  • Make sure that the designer is able to match up with your time schedule.

  • Ensure that they offer a visual representation of the home interior design in Naples, FL, for example in 3-D modeling programs.

  • They should be clear about insurance, bonding and licensing.

  • Discuss the fee structure in detail. Ask them about their hourly rates, flat-design fee, cost-plus method and mixed method for the home interior design project.

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