Who Freezes Fat In New Jersey & Why?

The inhabitants of New Jersey are no more (nor no less) obsessed about their bodily appearance than the rest of us and, like us, they do not like to be carrying unnecessary (and unsightly) body fat – especially things like those muffin tops, love handles, and belly pooch. Many will happily go under a surgeon’s knife or let someone burn them with laser rays simply to remove that fat from their bodies. Unfortunately, these removal procedures can kill more than just the unwanted fat and cause, possibly, permanent damage to essential tissues. Even liposuction is not without its risks and requires a local anesthetic probably in conjunction with a sedative.

Is There A Safer & Quicker Way To Be Rid Of My Unwanted Body Fat?

Thanks to research conducted at Harvard and reported in 2008, there is such a thing now available to us all; this is where Fat Freezing In New Jersey enters the slimming picture. The Harvard research produced a patented process known as Cryolipolysis®; in which, cold is applied to fatty areas with controlled precision so as to crystallize the lipids, or fatty cells, below the skin without causing harm (e.g. frostbite) to the skin or surrounding tissue.

Under this process of Fat Freezing In New Jersey, the lipids crystallize and break down and effectively die. Known as Cool Sculpting®, the treatment is painless and remarkably quick with no short or long time side effects; you could have it performed during your lunch hour and return, unaffected, to work immediately afterwards. You will not rush out of the treatment centre to arrive back at the office as a hardly recognizable slimmer version of the person who went out for lunch. This is because a little extra time is required for the body to rid itself of the dead fat cells; but, within about a month, the visible result should be with you.

The process is commercialized by Zeltiq® Aesthetics, Inc.; a venture capital company set up to utilize the Harvard research. Through them, Fat Freezing In New Jersey is now available at medical spas and health and wellness clinics across the country. Cool Sculpting® was given FDA approval in 2010.

® Trademarks of Zeltiq® Aesthetics, Inc.

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