Why Hire a Local Divorce Attorney?

When a marriage fails a couple begins to dismantle the relationship they had so arduously built up over the years.  As soon as the word “divorce” is uttered by one party, an emotional cataclysm arrives that destroys a family and the union between two people. The innocent sufferers of this event are the children. Both parents no longer have equal access to the children and this brings on the fury and resentment. Perceived unfairness in the division of assets, loss in connection with common friends, limitation in lifestyle, loss of the contact with extended family, decline in self esteem, social standing and prestige make the divorce a depressing matter for all those involved. It can never be easy for a party to end a marriage unscathed. When you are going through this phase the only way to handle matters is to engage an expert divorce attorney. The divorce attorney will advise you on how to conduct your life and ensure that you have access to your children, and can manage to arrive at a fair division of assets and spousal support or alimony. You should choose a divorce attorney whom you can trust and confide in. During the course of your divorce proceedings you might have to disclose very personal and intimate details of your marriage to your lawyer, so it is vital you trust in him or her entirely.

Opening a case starts with filing a Petition for Dissolution that asks the Court to grant your divorce and attend to the issue of Equitable Distribution of Assets and Liabilities, Child Support, Alimony, Child Custody and attorney’s fees. Different states in the Union exercise their own individual statutes pertaining to divorce and family law.  In addition to this Petition for Dissolution, the laws in Florida demand that the party should file the following:

*  Financial Affidavit
*  Notice of Related Cases
*  Certificate of Compliance with Mandatory Disclosure
*  Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA)

Once the divorce papers have been served to the other party, they have 20 days in which to respond the Petition with an Answer or file a Counter petition. The party will admit or deny the allegations leveled against them in the Answer, a Counter petition sets forth the claims for affirmative relief. Within 45 days, the other party must provide their own Financial Affidavit and Mandatory Disclosure. If the party does not respond to the Petition for Dissolution within 20 days, you can move for a default that will hurt the case of the opposition. When you need active and aggressive management of your case you should hire a skilled divorce attorney. St. Augustine residents should consult experienced lawyers in the area who are familiar with Florida statutes.

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