Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Cooling?

You may be reluctant to call an Austin heating and air conditioning specialist when you discover that your air conditioner is not cooling. However, you really don’t have much of a choice. Central Texas summer heat is brutal and you will need your AC unit up and running as quickly as possible. No one wants to spend money on fixing an AC unit, but you may find when you call and have it checked out, the repairs are relatively inexpensive. There is no way to know until you call.

So – when your Austin heating and air conditioning specialist comes out to check out your unit, what will he be looking for? There are several common problems that can cause your AC unit to malfunction. He will check these out first before moving on to the more complicated possible causes. Your unit could be leaking. What causes an AC unit to leak? It could be something as simple as a stopped up drain or perhaps something more complicated such as a rusty evaporator coil. Again, there is no way to tell without a proper inspection of your air conditioning unit.

One very common problem that AC repair technicians hear is that the unit has ice on the condenser. In most cases, this is caused by a dirty evaporator or filter that is not allowing proper air flow. This is an easy fix. The unit could also be very low on AC refrigerant. This problem is also a fairly inexpensive problem to correct. On the more expensive side, you could have a capacitor or motor blower that has gone bad. Your AC repair technician has access to the best parts and best prices and can let you know where to get the most affordable and durable AC repair parts.

Another common problem that could cause your air conditioner not to cool is a problem with the thermostat. You may notice this if it is hot in your home even after you have set the thermostat at a temperature that should make it comfortable inside your house. The thermostat may need to be calibrated or possibly replaced. The AC service technician will be able to find and repair this problem quickly and have your AC up and running in no time.

Still another AC problem sometimes reported in homes is uneven distribution of cooling. This happens when one room feels cool, but another one is hot and uncomfortable. This could be a problem in the duct work. This problem is usually not an expensive one to fix and does not take long to repair.  If your unit is running constantly, you are likely low on refrigerant. This is also an easy and inexpensive fix.

Don’t be afraid to contact an Austin heating and air conditioning specialist when you need repairs completed. Most AC companies will work with you and find a payment plan that you can afford. You can’t survive a hot Texas summer without an AC in proper working order. The sooner you call, the sooner you can be cool and comfortable again in your home.

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