Why it Pays to Hire a Social Security Attorney

When you are up and about enjoying good health, you rarely stop to think what would happen if you became disabled during the course of your life. Your chances of disability are more than you probably recognize. If a worker becomes disabled before attaining retirement, providing for his or her family would become virtually impossible. Social security offers the safety net to provide for a worker and his or her family in such an eventuality. Social security offers two types of benefits to workers and their families. The first component of social security is Old Age and Survivor’s Insurance. The second part of the benefit program is Disability Insurance. If you are facing trouble applying for disability insurance, taking the advice of a social security attorney can make the job easier. SSI or Supplementary Security Income program aims at providing benefits to blind, aged and disabled people.

According to the laws, a worker should at least have worked ten years and have earned at the rate of $4,480 a year. Social security is currently the principal source of income for most elderly US citizens. Studies have shown that disability is a fairly common occurrence in the US. A 20 year old worker has 30% chances of being disabled during his or her working life, before retiring. To qualify for receiving benefits from social security, you must have been employed in work covered by social security. Furthermore, the disability medical condition must meet definitions specified by social security.  

Disability payments are only made for total disability and not partial or short-term conditions. Disability claims will only be entertained if:

1. The worker cannot perform the same work he or she did before.
2. The SSA decides that your medical condition does not permit you to adjust to other work.
3. Your disability is expected (or has lasted) for a period of 12 months or can lead to your death.

When you are applying for disability insurance, the social security attorney is the professional that acts on your behalf to safeguard your claims and protect your rights. The main advantage of hiring a lawyer is that the legal professional is already familiar with the complicated procedures and knows  the legal aspect of such claims. The lawyer can help expedite a case and lead to its speedy resolution. Local lawyers are on familiar terms with the judges and can argue your case more favorably. The lawyer usually charges legal fees on a contingent basis. If you attain your benefits, you can pay your social security attorney. Trenton residents can rely on experienced local lawyers for such benefits.


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