Why Medical Professionals wear Scrubs

If you are a health care professional, a major part of your day is spent in professional apparel. What you wear in your work place should ensure that you maintain a hygienic and sterile environment for your patients but also be able to enjoy some level of comfort and style for yourself. Nurses’ uniforms no longer consist of the traditional starched frocks, apron and cap. These traditional garbs were used since the time of Florence Nightingale and served the purpose of making the nurses more identifiable and also to maintain a degree of hygiene and sanitation in the hospital. Nowadays health care professionals make use of more comfortable and functional attire. Nurses and other medical staff choose to sport more colorful and less conspicuous scrubs in most health care facilities and hospitals in the United States.

The first uniforms for medical nurses were introduced in the 19th century. Historically Christian nuns took care of the sick and infirm, so early nurses’ uniforms were loosely based on a nun’s habit and the nursing professionals were referred to as sisters.

Scrubs serve a number of purposes in the medical ward. They prevent cross contamination and are made of fabric that is easy to wash and can easily be rid of stains and soiling. They are recognizable in the medical facility and allow outsiders and patients to identify the medical professional more readily. Some professionals believe that scrubs are puzzling as many patients often confuse nursing staff with surgeons or with technicians or cleaning professionals. Many medical facilities have the medical attire color coded in order to help with the identification process. Modern facilities encourage the use of colorful printed medical attire depending on the facility in which the professional works. Pediatric professionals can make use of Disney characters on their scrubs to cheer up their young patients and be an appropriate dress code for their environs.

Scrubs and other medical attire also help in providing professionalism to the workplace. In addition they are now available in a wide variety of styles and designs that are comfortable for the wearer. The uniforms for nursing staff and other health care professionals are available in colorful prints, animal prints and in couture to suit your sensibilities and aesthetics. Modern medical attire is not about functionality alone but also about fashion. Manufacturers are aware that health care professionals want to look good and feel comfortable as they do their jobs. This explains the diversity and functionality of modern medical scrubs. They are great to look at and extremely user friendly.





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