Why Rebuild Car Transmissions?

Transmissions can be an expensive component to repair or replace. Replacing the filter and maintaining the fluid levels on a regular basis can extend the life of your vehicle’s transmissions quite considerably. The transmission can deteriorate with heavy use and normal wear and tear, causing major problems or eventual breakdown. The cost of repairs and replacement is normally very steep. Many car owners opt for rebuilt transmissions that can be purchased for a fraction of the price of a brand new component.

According to a survey conducted in March 2009, the average age of a passenger car on American roads is 9.4 years. Cars owners are clocking up more mileage on their car odometers before they trade in their old cars. Most owners take preventative measures and conduct timely repairs to keep their cars in smooth running condition. Often replacing the engine with a rebuilt engine or installing rebuilt transmissions can save a lot of money. The car owner can avoid the cost of purchasing a brand new vehicle. Moreover by installing a rebuilt engine or transmission, the car owner can drastically reduce costs and obtain highly satisfactory results.

Many salvage yards and auto parts dealers maintain extensive inventories of auto parts to rebuild a transmission or refurbish a car engine. Computerized inventory results about the make, model, year and more information can greatly facilitate the search for the correct components. The better yards and dealers offer extended warranties and parts that meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) specifications. The best technicians with long experience in these complicated replacement installation jobs are available at the yards and auto parts dealerships. If you use parts with warranties installed by skilled mechanics, you can expect to get many more miles of smooth service from your car.

A rebuilt transmission is a major mechanical overhaul of an old transmission. The overhaul consists of the disassembling of the entire component. The parts are then inspected for wear and tear and tested. The worn out components are replaced. All seals, bearings and brushings are replaced. The rebuilt transmission is then carefully reassembled. The entire procedure is a complicated, labor-intensive one that takes a professional mechanic about 10-15 hours. The cost of such a rebuild can be around $1500. You can expect a warranty of at least one year for such a rebuild. Cost of a new transmission can be four times the amount. If you are looking to extend the life of your car, you can do so by rebuilding transmissions. St Paul residents can find the best deals for remanufactured parts at nearby salvage yards.



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