Why Regular Air Conditioning Repair is Necessary

Pure air quality and moderate temperature can greatly improve the comfort of your home environment and work place. Air conditioning regulates the temperature, filters out the unhealthy pollutants and allergens in your air supply and dehumidifies the atmosphere, giving you a comfortable, healthy and dust-free environment. Modern patented technologies in selective air conditioning units can also rid the air of pathogens, pollen, mold, dander and other allergens, smoke and dust. Temperature controlled, dust-free environment also increase the life span of your electronic devices.

A normal AC unit is designed to run 24/7, daily for years, but air conditioning repair and maintenance is required on a regular basis. With standard maintenance of your AC unit, you may not face major break downs that require air conditioning repair on a large scale. During a regular maintenance check up, HVAC technicians can detect the wear and tear of components and have them replaced. Keeping the components functioning at peak levels, will reduce the incidence of break downs and need for extensive air conditioning repair.

Heating and cooling contributes to more than 50% of the fuel bill in an average American household.  An American family is estimated to spend $2200 in energy bills annually. It is possible to reduce that figure by up to 40% by installing modern, energy efficient version of AC system in your home. New comfort systems available on the market consume 30-50% less power than those dating to the eighties. These super efficient modern ACs consume less fuel, are built with more eco-friendly components and have the potential of saving you hundreds of dollars annually. Ductless heat pumps and hybrid ACs are modern technologies that are currently available if you are keen on improving energy efficiency in your home heating and cooling.

Your air conditioning repair technician can perform an in-house load analysis to evaluate the efficiency of the existing AC unit and heating. Correctly sizing the equipment goes a long way in saving money.  The contractor can make some suggestions on how to improve the performance or alter the capacity of your existing AC system. You can get tips on the latest equipment available on the market to suit your heating and cooling needs. SEER or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, is a measure of the efficiency of a unit. Although the efficiency of the unit does not rely entirely on the SEER, it is handy in estimating the performance of the unit. A SEER rating of 13 is considered efficient. The more efficient the AC is the higher is the SEER. For more advice on energy saving, consult technicians specialized in air conditioning repair. Evergreen Park, IL residents can consult local AC technicians before installing or repairing home AC units.

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