Why Should You Choose To Use Soy Candles?

Soy is becoming a popular new choice in a world where the effects of neglecting the environment are becoming precariously noticeable; soy candles, soy hygiene products, soy crayons and soy snacks are cropping up both in natural markets and on the shelves of department stores. While the soy craze is relatively new, the benefits of soy have been recognized throughout history. Millions of people have benefitted from the high protein content in soybeans in many countries of the world.

The use of soy wax for candles is not the first attempt at creating natural wax candles. The use of beeswax and other natural sources for burning oils has been the norm throughout history. But as the creation of other less naturally occurring materials grew in popularity, the costs of using natural products became more prohibitive for many people. Yet, soy wax candles last up to three times as long as other candles, without leaving the harmful residue behind on the home and inside the lungs of the people in the home.

Researching multiple sources about the benefits of soy candles will produce the same positive benefits over and over again. These include a cleaner burn, a longer burn time, more aroma and a positive effect on the local agriculture business.

The soy wax used in soy wax candles is made from the oil of the soybean plant. This vegetable-based wax comes from a natural source that can be replenished continuously. This soy wax doesn’t leave behind the cancer causing carcinogens that other candle types send into the air. Some types of candle leave pollutants like benzene or naphthalene in the air. The black residue that builds up inside candle jars, on the surrounding walls and nearby ceilings as other candles are burned will not be seen when soy candles are used.

Experiment for yourself the burning time of soy wax candles versus other candles. They just last longer. And their ability to ‘throw’ fragrance also exceeds that of other candle waxes. For both of these reasons, soy wax candles are a great choice economically. This extends beyond the individual purchasing the candles to the community providing the candles.

Farmers growing soybeans benefit when their local community purchases soy candles. The planting and harvesting of soybeans for use in candles, crayons and other items means that small local farmers can experience a healthy business while producing a healthier choice for soy lovers. This creates a society that moves closer to becoming self-sufficient.

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