Why take your Car in for a Tune Up in River Forest?

A tune up is necessary if you want to keep your car running smoothly and in the best of condition in River Forest. Tune-ups ensure that all of the essential parts underneath the hood of your car are working as they should be, and with regularly scheduled tune ups, you can save a great deal of time and hassle and prolong the life of the vehicle.  

The Tune-up Process

When you take your vehicle in for a tune-up there are several things that you can expect the technician to do. Although the actual services many vary according to the company that you use, some things should still be all the same no matter where you go.

Air Filter: The air filter in your automobile should be checked and replaced if needed during the tune-up. The air filter keeps the engine cool and air circulating throughout; a dirty filter can cause increased fuel usage, the last thing that you want.

Oil and Filter: Your oil and filter should be replaced after driving 3,000 miles. The oil change prevents gunk from building up and helps the engine perform at its peak. The technician will check the oil and filter when a tune-up takes place.

Fluids Check: All of the fluids in the vehicle should be checked during a tune-up, including cooling system fluids, windshield wiper fluid and the transmission fluids. They should be filled if low.

Battery and Belts/Wires: Are all of the spark plugs properly connected? Is the battery properly connected? Are wires loose or in need of replacement? All of these things will also be checked during a tune-up.

Tires: A good tune up will also include a tire check. The tires should be properly inflated in order to receive the best gas mileage out of the vehicle, and should not be showing wires or without tread.  

Do not Delay a Tune-up

In River Forest, a tune-up should be scheduled every 30,000 miles, or once every year or two. If you drive your car more than usual, a tune-up may need to take place before this period of time. Consulting with the owner’s manual inside of your vehicle can also help you gain a better understanding of when these tune-ups should take place.

When you choose a quality company you’ll have the confidence of knowing the tune-up has been performed correctly and that you are getting the most out of your vehicle.

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