Why You Need to Think About Pet Friendly Apartments for Students

Going to college is a big step. If you’re a first-time student, or even a student ready to move out of the dorms and into something a little roomier, off-campus student housing could be the perfect living situation for you. If you’ve got a pet you would like to bring with you, even better. Here’s why you need to think about pet-friendly apartments in Athens, GA.

Stress Relief

College can be stressful for any student, and it can be difficult to find a reliable and healthy way to relax. Studies show that spending time with a pet can be an incredibly calming source of stress relief. Imagine how nice it’ll be to come home from class or work to snuggle with your furry friend.


It can be stressful for your pet to be away from you for long periods of time, and many dorms don’t allow pets. Student apartments that allow pets tend to be close to campus and other important locations so you don’t have to waste time commuting.

Better Facilities

Many apartment complexes can get pretty cramped and have subpar outdoor spaces. Student apartments tend to have beautiful green spaces that are perfect for exercising your pets at any hour. They also tend to have convenient waste stations so you can help keep the property clean.

If you’ve decided to look for pet-friendly apartments in Athens, GA, you should look into Lark Athens to see if it’s the right fit for you and your pet.

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