Why You Should Use an HD SDI DVR for Your Business Security

If your business uses security cameras to watch for intruders and keep an eye on the area around your building, you probably use recorders of some type to record all the video. Older systems use older tape recorders. However, if you upgrade to an HD SDI DVR, you can experience a greater advantage over using the older methods of recording. Understanding what those differences are will help you decide whether to upgrade your system.

When you use a high definition DVR, you are able to record video that is a much higher quality than you could with tapes. This high-quality recording will ensure you can easily identify any people or activities that are captured on the videos. Instead of getting video that is grainy and hard to see, you will have video that is clear. Even when you zoom in, you will be able to see who and what is on the video.

Another advantage of using an HD SDI DVR to record all your security video is the ability to keep a large amount of video coverage in one small area. Instead of having to store stacks and stacks of tapes from a tape recorder, you will be able to store hours upon hours of video directly on the hard drive of the recorder. If you need more space, you can use small memory cards that can hold hours and hours of videos each without taking up a lot of space.

If you use a night vision camera to monitor the interior or exterior of your building, you wouldn’t be able to get the best quality video with a tape recorder. However, if you use a high-definition digital recorder, you will be able to get clear video, even with the night vision. This will allow you to get better video so you can always be sure you will be able to get a clear view when you need it the most.

Protecting your business with a video security system helps to identify any problems that occur either inside or outside the building. When you use an HD SDI DVR to record these videos, you can count on having a clearer picture, even if you use night vision cameras to keep track of activity after dark. In addition, you will be able to store more video in far less space, helping you to keep better track of the videos if you need to access them later.

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