Win over the Pain in the Lower Part of Your Body with Sciatica Treatments

Does your old mother complain about pain in the lower part of her body like lower back or buttock? Well, this may not be something minor that can be treated just by having few doses of painkillers. Pain the lower portion of the body can be a symptom of sciatica. Do you know – what is sciatica? Don’t worry! Going through this article will not only help you understand about this disease, but also its symptoms and best possible treatments. So, read on!

What is sciatica?

It is named after the large sciatic nerve located in the back of your leg.

It is a set of different symptoms that includes pain in the lower back portion of your body, buttock, leg as well as foot. When the pain becomes severe you may feel numbness, tingling feeling as well as muscular weakness. Moreover, you may find it difficult to control the movement of your legs. Most of the times, these symptoms are generally felt only one side of your body. Prolonged exposure to cold temperature is not suitable for people suffering from sciatica. That is why they should try their best to keep themselves safe in winter season.

What are the major symptoms of sciatica?

Some of the major symptoms of this medical condition are given below:

* Constant and severe pain in one side of your body, specially your buttock or legs

* Increase in the pain when sitting

* Tingling sensation down your legs

* Weakness as well as numbness of your legs

* Inability to control the movement of your legs severe pain while walking

What are the possible treatments for sciatica?

For treating severe flare-ups of this pain, basically there are two types of treatments – surgical and non – surgical. Most people undergoing this pain opt for non – surgical treatments for their effectiveness and affordability. One of the best treatments for getting relief from this nerve pain is – spinal decompression.

However, for getting effective sciatica treatments, Clovis, CA has many chiropractic clinics you can visit. If you do proper research you will definitely find one for your mother. As there are a number of chiropractic clinics located in your state, you should search properly. Some of the most important things you should consider while selecting a chiropractic clinic are – the clinic you are intending to visit should be located near your home or office. They should accept insurance as well as file claims. There are many clinics where initial consultation is free. So, you keep all these things in mind and select the best one for your mother.

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