Would You Feel at Home in a Contemporary Church in Jacksonville?

While you feel the desire to find a church home, you’re not sure what sort of church would be right for you. Have you considered the idea of visiting a contemporary church in Jacksonville? There’s a good chance that this type of worship setting would end up being just what you’ve been seeking.

With contemporary churches, the atmosphere is typically less formal. It doesn’t take much to get into the swing of how the service goes, since there are no liturgies that you need to learn. Typically, dress codes are also relaxed. While everyone is expected to wear modest clothing, people may show up in anything from jeans to business attire.

You may find the music to be more appealing. It’s not unusual for there to be a band that makes use of more than keyboards. The hymns are likely to have a faster tempo and be easy for visitors to follow. You may find yourself singing along confidently after the first verse.

Expect to see a variety of people taking care of different parts of the worship service. Instead of only two or three covering it all, there may be several folks helping with the offering, providing readings, offering testimonies, and other things. If you like the idea of a worship service where many people actively participate, this will be a welcome change for you.

Why not give a contemporary church in Jacksonville as try? Visit for at least a couple of Sundays, and get to know more about what the church does in the community as well as within its walls. You may find that this is exactly the kind of church that you can make your spiritual home.

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