You Need Air Conditioning in St. Louis

Summer is going to be bad this year, and everyone knows it. What else can you expect after one of the hottest winters on record? So called “nice weather” in December and January is a sure sign that the weather in the summer will not be very nice at all. If you do not have air conditioning in St. Louis, you and your family are in some real and true danger.

Although rain fall is expected to be normal, there is still a one in three chance of unusually high temperatures for spring. Not since the early 1900s has such heat been seen in the spring months of March, May and June. The chances for hotter weather only go up in the summer months with meteorologists predicting record-breaking temps for most of the year.

It used to be that homes were made to be easily ventilated in the summer months, with big open spaces and large windows that could be opened wide. All you needed was a glass of lemonade and a fan, and you could survive the summer and maybe even enjoy it a little bit. Still, the heat related death toll was high.

Today it is much worse. It is not just the stories you hear on the news about children being left in cars, but in houses and buildings as well. Homes are built well insulated now because the assumption is that the insulation will help keep in the cool air that your air conditioning is providing. But if you do not have air conditioning in St. Louis, what is happening is the hot air gets trapped inside your home like an oven.

No matter how many doors and windows you open, motorized swivel fans you buy, or cold drinks you might make, the temperatures this summer are going to be through the roof. It is a simple fact that the higher the temperatures are during the summer, the higher predictions for death there are. Death tolls simply go up when it is hot out.

If you do not have air conditioning in St. Louis, get one, especially if you have children or the elderly living with you. However, even if you do not, you should still get one. It is not worth risking your family to avoid a hassle. And you may actually be surprised; there are some really great air conditioning specialists that will have you and your household cooled off long before temperatures get dangerously high.



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