Piano Lessons Benefit Children in Several Ways

Parents who want their children to excel and who want to give them an extra advantage understand that enrolling their sons or daughters in piano lessons in Houston is an investment with countless returns. Not only does your child learn how to play the piano, when you enroll him or her in piano lessons in Houston, there are many added benefits, as well.

It has long been established that children who learn a musical instrument do better in school than those who do not. Children who take piano lessons in Houston are, in fact, more likely, based on several studies, to do significantly better in math than those who do not. Cognitive developmental tests also show that kids who learn to play music score higher.

Life, however, isn’t just about test scores. It’s also a fact that taking piano lessons in Houston can help your child to develop a healthy sense of self-esteem. Self-esteem based on a significant accomplishment, such as learning to become proficient in playing the piano, improves confidence and allows the child to positively showcase their talent and skills, an acquisition of attention and love that all children crave.

A physical benefit of enrolling your children in piano lessons in Houston includes an enhancement of fine motor skills and coordination, as well. Coupled with developing skills to concentrate more fully through learning how to read music, children simultaneously use both parts of the brain, the analytical aspect that reads music and the creative response that moves their hands across the keys.

Children who learn how to play by taking piano lessons in Houston and become proficient will likely develop an interest in music that lasts a lifetime, and often move on to play other kinds of instruments, as well. The piano is particularly conducive to the development of an aesthetic awareness of musical rewards that far exceed that which is offered by pop culture and rock and roll. Children who come to appreciate the classics may move forward to love all kinds of music, from sonatas to jazz to Broadway musicals.

Lastly, but possibly most importantly, the skills that are inculcated through learning to play an instrument teach children that discipline and effort can lead to desired results, and children who succeed at learning to play often have the tenacity to accomplish other goals in life as well.

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