2 Specific Types of Transportation Insurance You May Need in New Jersey

Do you own or operate a small private courier service? Has your business been granted a contract to help big-known logistics companies like FedEx deliver an influx of packages during a particular season? Are you an Amazon delivery service partner or are planning in becoming one? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then here are 2 types of transportation insurance you may need.

Amazon Parcel Delivery Insurance

If you plan on being an Amazon parcel delivery partner or are already, then you may need Amazon parcel delivery insurance. This type of insurance specifically caters to Amazon DSPs or LSPs. This type of transportation insurance may include commercial auto, motor cargo, general liability, worker’s compensation coverage, and more. This insurance ensures you meet Amazon compliance standards.

FedEx Parcel Delivery Insurance

Another type of transportation insurance plan you may need is FedEx parcel delivery insurance. As its name suggests, this specific type of transportation insurance comprehensive insurance for couriers or private courier services that partner with FedEx. FedEx parcel delivery insurance may offer similar coverage like the mentioned above with the addition of commercial fleet auto coverage.

The Professionals You Can Trust in NJ

Perhaps you are now searching for an insurance agency that offers both of these types of transportation insurance in New Jersey. Visit Capstone Insurance Services. They offer both FedEx and Amazon parcel delivery insurance and understand your needs. So, when searching for a reputable and reliable insurance agency that offers these specific types of transportation insurance in New Jersey, they are the ones you can trust. Call or visit them at http://capstonecoverage.com today.

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