3 Best Plants for Your Wall Garden

Building a Garden on the wall in New Jersey is a great way to add character to your home or office. These wall gardens do not take up any floor space, they filter carbon dioxide from your air, and they look beautiful. You may have already decided to create a Garden on the wall in New Jersey, but you might not know what plants you want. There are many great options, but the following three plants are top-rated options.


Ferns are extremely adaptable and resistant to humidity. Ferns grow easily and quickly. If you’re trying to get your wall garden up quickly, then you should consider getting ferns. Ferns grow downward, so most wall garden builders get other plants to cover up bald patches in the garden.


Bromeliads have shallow roots and only need a small amount of space. This makes Bromeliads easy to grow vertically. These beautiful plants are colorful and have long-lasting flowers. If you want to add a patch of color to your vertical garden, then you should strongly consider adding Bromeliads to your garden layout.

Lipstick plant

Lipstick plants are cascading plants that are usually found in hanging baskets. These plants can look amazing on a vertical garden. They have red lipstick shaped flowers and deep green leaves. The plant can climb upwards, and it flowers year-round. If you’re looking to add a patch of color to your wall garden, then you should consider lipstick plants.

Wall gardens are a fantastic project. When considering a new wall garden, you should strongly consider Ferns, Bromeliads, and Lipstick plants.

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