4 Reasons Why Seeking Off-Campus Housing Is a Great Idea for Students

Many LSU students choose to live in the dorms for their first and second years of university study. However, after that, a lot of them find accommodations off-campus. If you’re considering leaving school housing and venturing out into the world of house and apartment rental, keep reading to see just how good of an idea moving to LSU off campus housing is.

1. You’ll Save a Lot of Money

Everyone knows that dorm housing is an expensive option. However, it’s an easy option and requires very little work on your part to move in, which is partially why it can be so expensive. In contrast, you’ll have the option of paying a lot less with LSU off campus housing, which is excellent for your budget.

2. You’ll Have Parking

With so many people living in the dorms and attending classes, it can be hard to find a good parking spot on campus. However, in the world of off-campus housing, parking usually comes with your rental. You’ll save loads of time and have fewer headaches with your own parking space.

3. You’ll Gain Space

The comradery of dorm rooms is great. You can make some of your best friends living in the same dorm for a year or two. However, as you grow, you’ll want to have more room. Off-campus housing is adult housing, so expect to have your own room and a lot more space than you did while sharing a dorm.

4. You’ll Grow Up Faster

When you live in the dorms, you have less responsibility than living off-campus. Someone else is keeping the lights on and making sure the place is maintained. When you’re living off-campus, you are the responsible party. Even if your parents are paying the actual bills, as the tenant, you’ll have more obligations than you did while living in the dorms.

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