4 Situations Where A Child Would Need To See An Emergency Dentist In Oahu HI

It is important that both adults and children see their dentist every six months for a cleaning and a comprehensive check. Not only will this help prevent severe decay, it is also a good chance to catch gum disease and the signs of oral cancer. These appointments are often scheduled in advance. There are, however, certain circumstances where the parents would need to contact an emergency dentist Oahu HI.

Knocked Out Tooth

If a child loses a tooth as a result of an accident, they should see their dentist immediately. If they get into the office quickly enough, there is a chance that the tooth can be saved. To increase the chances, the parents should put their tooth in a cup of milk until they get to the dentist.

Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth is also considered an emergency. In some cases, the nerves can be exposed which can be extremely painful. Immediately after the accident, the parents should put the portion of the tooth in a cup of milk and they should contact an emergency dentist right away.

Severe Pain

There is nothing worse than having a severe toothache. If the pain is serious, it can be very difficult for the individual to concentrate on anything but the pain. If a child is experiencing this type of a toothache, the parents should contact an emergency dentist. There could be something serious going on that is causing the toothache. Also, the pain won’t stop until the toothache is treated.

Potential Abscess

If the parent notices a white spot on their child’s gums, they should contact an emergency dentist right away. In most cases, the lump is an abscess. If it pops, it can release dangerous fluids into the child’s bloodstream. In more serious cases, it could be an early sign of oral cancer. If the cancer is caught early, the individual has a better chance of survival. This is why it is so important that the individual contacts an emergency dentist right away.

It is important to a child’s oral health that they see the dentist every six months. There are, however, situations where the child would need to see an emergency dentist Oahu HI in between visits. If a child is suffering from any of the issues listed above, their parents should visit pediatricdentisthawaii.com. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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