A New Smile With Dental Implants San Dimas

If you generally have good oral health but have lost a tooth due to an injury or periodontal disease, dental implants San Dimas may be the solution for you. You may have received partial dentures or replacement tooth, but if you want them to feel more permanent, like a real tooth, you may consider dental implants. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that can hold a replacement tooth or partial dentures in place. They are so natural looking and feel so comfortable, you won’t even think about the fact that you have a replacement tooth where the real tooth once was. You won’t have to worry about smiling and having people see spaces in your teeth. All you (and they) will see is a great smile with beautiful looking teeth. This can help boost confidence in denture wearers who worry about their dentures falling out or not looking natural. And with the right care and maintenance on your dental implants San Dimas, they can last a lifetime.

There are a couple different implants that are being used today. The most common used implant is called an Endosteal implant, which means “in the bone.” This is where screws are surgically placed into the jawbone to hold the implant. This is often used by denture patients who want a more permanent solution. Another type of dental implant is called a subperiosteal implant meaning “on the bone.” They are placed on top of the jaw and are held together with a metal post through the gum to hold the prosthectic teeth. Patients with minimal bone height most often use a subperiosteal implant.

When you read that screws and metal posts are part of dental implants, don’t let that worry you. The implants will feel very comfortable and your dentist will make sure of that. Your new dental implants San Dimas will feel just like your own teeth. Think of the confidence that will give you instead of having to worry about dentures that come loose or fall out. Plus, you won’t have to spend any more money on denture creams and glues. You will finally have a set of teeth that will feel great and allow you the ability to talk, chew and smile without any worry.

If you are wondering if you are a good candidate for dental implants, check with a periodontist to have an exam. You will need to be in good oral health and have healthy disease-free gum tissues. It’s also important you have adequate jaw bones to support the implant.

Dental implants San DimasWhether you need to replace one tooth or several, you can count on dental implants in San Dimas to give you the smile you’ve been wanting. Visit Haber Dental Center for professional dentistry services.

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