A New York night guard is useful in preventing teeth grinding

Teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism, is a common problem people face and is more prevalent during the night when they sleep. You may grind your teeth consciously during the day as well. This is a serious disorder because clenching both rows of teeth causes a lot of problems like headaches, wear and tear of teeth and aching jaws. The predominant reason for teeth grinding is stress and therefore you would be better off managing stress and thereby increasing the life and quality of your teeth. Sleep disorder is another reason why people tend to clench their teeth subconsciously. Other physical factors could be a missing or crooked tooth and abnormal biting and chewing method. To prevent the alarming wear and tear caused by teeth grinding, dentists recommend night guards. Plastic is used to make a tooth guard which can be worn at night before going to bed. The New York night guard is an effective way to stop the grinding.

How does a night guard help?

A New York night guard helps to keep teeth separated which makes it difficult to clench. It is beneficial to prevent further damage and eventual loss of teeth. A night guard also relieves you of constant pain and headaches. Although it doesn’t fully prevent your clenching, it helps to create a gap between teeth and  redistributes pressure so that you do not damage your jaws or head. If you delay treatment, it may lead to severe damage which only restorative dentistry can fix. Techniques like porcelain crowns and inlays have to be used  to  rebuild damaged teeth. Therefore, it is wiser to consult your dentist quickly if you or your family members are suffering from Bruxism. Nobody likes to wake up with jaw pain or headache and the earlier it is diagnosed, the better. You can find mouth guards available on the Internet but the best alternative would be to consult with your dentist before opting for one.

Beat stress, keep your teeth healthy

Apart form New York night guards, there are other forms of treatment available to counteract the problem. You can go for jaw massages that can help reduce the pain. Since the primary reason is stress, it is critical to learn how to deal with it and control it. You can keep aside some time before going to sleep at night for relaxation or deep breathing exercises. These are beneficial in calming your senses and bringing down an increased heart rate. Certain forms of physical therapy and muscle relaxants also help. Your main focus should be to accept stress as a part of life and then learn to take joy from the small, everyday events. Do not let trivial issues bother you; at the same time, don’t be overwhelmed when you are in a crisis.

If you or someone you know is suffering from teeth grinding, a New York night guard is the best treatment available.

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