Adoption Can Complete your Family!

Have you been trying to have your own family for years with no success? Is fertility treatment draining you physically, emotionally and financially? Maybe you should consider adoption to help you complete your family and fulfill the need to have a child in your home. There are many unwed mothers in the US who seek to put up their unborn children for adoption with the right family. With the help of independent sources or private or public agencies you could search for a birth mother for your child.

Surrogacy is another alternative that many couples in the United States are considering. In traditional surrogacy the birth mother is also the child’s genetic mother. In a case of gestational surrogacy, the birth mother may be carrying an embryo implanted in her uterus, and have no genetic link with the baby she is carrying. When the birth mother receives financial compensation the arrangement is said to be a commercial surrogacy and if she carries the child with no expectation of financial restitution the surrogacy would be termed as altruistic. Legal service and agencies can assist in matching you up with a suitable surrogate who would be willing to carry your child. The intermediary would help in addressing the expectations of both parties. Law firms aiding surrogacy services help in all the legal paper work and matching up the parties.

Pregnant women who are considering giving up their baby for adoption may need financial, medical, nutritional help as well as a place to stay while pregnant. The adoptive parents chosen by the birth mother would be expected to take care of all the expenses incurred by the birth mother during her pregnancy including the legal paperwork. Independent adoptions in the US are usually concerned with newborns. Public and private agencies can arrange for adoptions. Private agencies are concerned with the adoption of small babies and infants while older children, often those is foster care, are frequently placed by public agencies. Agencies screen the prospective parents to check their credentials, stability and financial ability to raise a child in a loving, secure household. Independent adoptions are most common for newborns, accounting for the adoptive process of 55% of all newborns in the US. Waiting children are enlisted, with all their information on the US government affiliated website “Adopt US Kids”. If a family is considering adopting a child with special needs they are eligible to receive financial assistance or subsidies in adoption. Oklahoma City, OK is home to a number of law firms and agencies that specialize in placing children with loving parents and stable homes.




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