Air Conditioner Service Is Important, Get It Done in Naperville

Many homeowners are unsure how often they should have their air conditioner serviced. Still others wonder whether service is even necessary. If you want the central air conditioning unit in your home to continue working efficiently, have it serviced annually. The ideal time for Air Conditioner Service in Naperville is spring, although, any time of the year is fine.

If you do not think the unit requires service, you may hesitate to have the work done. Annual service will save you trouble and money in the end. It costs far less to have it serviced than it will cost for major repairs, or even worse, unit replacement.

Why Maintenance is Important

There are a number of good reasons to have your home air conditioner serviced annually. If the technicians find any problems, getting them fixed before the unit fails is far less expensive.

Unit Efficiency Without service, an air conditioner will become less efficient. Annual service will ensure the unit continues to operate as well as it did when first installed. This results in more efficient cooling with minimal power consumption.

Increase Lifespan An air conditioner is an electro-mechanical device. It will fail far sooner if it is not maintained. With regular maintenance, an air conditioner will continue to operate at peak performance and do so for longer.

Minimize Operating Cost An air conditioner is a major contributor to the monthly power bill. A poorly maintained unit uses more power to keep the home comfortable. Professional service on a regular basis can make a significant difference. With periodic maintenance, monthly power bills will be less.

Improved Air Quality An air conditioner working at peak performance minimizes humidity while at the same time, maximizing cooling efficiency. Combined with clean, efficient filters, air quality in your home will be improved, and health risks from dust and pollen will be reduced.

You should have the air conditioner in your home serviced at least once a year. If you live in Naperville, you are invited to contact Air-Rite Heating & Cooling.

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