An Anaheim Hills Cosmetic Dentist Might Have the Right Veneers for You

Are you considering having veneers applied, and if so, have you talked to your Anaheim Hills cosmetic dentist about the options available to you? Your cosmetic dentist can detail the various types of veneers, but below is some basic information.

First of all, if your teeth are mildly discolored but that is the extent of any cosmetic or dental health issue you are facing, your Anaheim Hills cosmetic dentist might recommend a whitening program rather than the use of veneers, at least as a starting point. Whitening is less expensive and less invasive, too, as veneers require preparation of the tooth surface by roughing the surface of the enamel. But if you are not a good candidate for whitening, veneers can be the way to go.

Veneers can correct discoloration, crack or chips in teeth, and small problems with alignment or spacing. They protect teeth which have been damaged, which can obviate more invasive treatments down the road.

Veneers can be made by your Anaheim Hills cosmetic dentist out of resin directly, or they can be made at a laboratory out of porcelain or composite resin. Porcelain veneers are generally reserved for more serious problems of discoloration or other damage, while composite veneers can fix more minor problems. Porcelain veneers are slightly more expensive, but they have the advantage of having lasting much longer than composite resin veneers: 10 to 15 years for the former, versus 5 to 7 for the latter.

Dental veneers generally can be applied over one or two dental visits, depending on which type of veneer is chosen. You will work closely with your Anaheim Hills cosmetic dentist to establish the goals of the treatment and to collaborate on the look of the veneers with regard to shape and shade. Composite veneers can be made by preparing the tooth surface and then adding layers of resin, with curing between each, and then finally shaping and polishing the tooth. With porcelain veneers, your Anaheim Hills cosmetic dentist will first make impressions of your teeth. The veneers are made at a laboratory and applied at a later visit.

For those with teeth that are clinically sound, “no-prep” ceramic veneers, which are increasingly being marketed, can be a viable option for enhancing your smile. These are applied directly to the enamel with minimal preparation. Talk with your Anaheim Hills cosmetic dentist about this type of veneer as well.

Once your veneers have been applied, the dentist may recommend certain changes in eating habits, such as not eating certain crunchy vegetables raw, to minimize the changes of your veneers breaking off or cracking. Your Anaheim Hills cosmetic dentist can help you maintain your veneers and healthy smile for a long time to come.

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