An Auto Accident Injury Lawyer in Urbana, IL. Will Protect Your Rights

Automobile accidents frequently cause debilitating injuries that could last a lifetime. An injured victim’s rights need to be protected by an experienced auto accident injury lawyer in Urbana, IL. It would be a perfect world if the insurance company would be fair and give a victim the compensation they deserve. Unfortunately, this is never the case. The insurance company is doing everything possible to limit compensation being paid to a victim. They will try to blame the injured individual for causing the accident to reduce their liability. A personal injury attorney will defend a victim’s rights.

The attorney understands the tactics an insurance company will use to trick a victim into accepting some of the blame. They know which questions an insurance company will try to ask that are irrelevant to the accident. Illinois has comparative fault rules that mean if someone that’s injured is partly responsible, their claim against the insurance company will be reduced by that percentage. If a victim’s fault is higher than 50%, a court will not allow a victim to collect any damages from the other party. Insurance companies use this law in negotiating an insurance settlement in or out of court. This is why hiring an experienced auto accident injury lawyer in Urbana, IL. is so important.

Victims of an automobile, motorcycle, truck, or alcohol-related crashes aren’t always sure what to do after an accident. They should never admit fault to the police or the insurance company. They should seek medical treatment as soon as possible after the accident. Failing to seek treatment for a day or more could jeopardize a victim’s claim. An injured individual should contact a personal injury attorney immediately. The attorney will educate the individual about their rights and the steps needed to obtain the highest settlement possible.

There is a statute of limitations for how long you have to file a claim against a negligent party and their insurer. Proving fault against the negligent party requires the skill, talent, and knowledge of an attorney. To receive the highest settlement possible after an accident, please feel free to visit Domain.

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