An Insight into Micro bead Hair Extensions

If you want to try a new style then you should consider using micro bead extensions. Micro bead hair extensions are great for those who have natural thick hair, not to mention that they also last an incredibly long time when compared to other types of extensions. With micro bead extensions, you also do not need to worry about your hair when you style it with your own products. Micro bead extensions use small rings of plastic which are clamped around each strand so you don’t need to worry about glue or any other chemicals bonding to your hair. You will also find that micro bead hair extensions also cause less damage to your hair in terms of application and removal, because the loops can simply be widened and the extensions removed. Whatever hairstyle you have, micro beads are great for any colour of hair.

Who Can Wear Micro bead Extensions?

Anyone can have micro bead fitted, however they are not recommended for those with very fine hair. If you have very fine hair and you use micro beads, then you may find that the beads pull the hair from its root. This is something you want to avoid at all times if you have finer hair, so it is always better to opt for tape in extensions or hot and cold fusion in this instance. If you have very thick hair, or even medium hair, then micro bead extensions are certainly an option. You can get them in a huge range of colours and styles, not to mention that they are also very affordable to purchase.

Choosing a Reputable Salon Provider

If you want to get the best results from your hair extensions, then you should contact a reputable salon provider. They will be highly experienced in high quality hair extensions, as well as having the equipment you need to ensure a top result every time. You will also find that salon professionals can weave different colours into your hair, so you can have highlights, different strips of colour or even layers of different tones. Whatever you choose, you should always make sure that your salon professional is experienced in your chosen type of hair extensions. You will also find that salon providers can even show you how to take care of your extensions, and this can go a long way if you want your extensions to look great for months to come.

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