An Overview Of EcoTech Miami Gardens And Pandwe Gibson

If you live in the Miami area, you may not be aware of a new concept and a new manufacturing focus in the area. The area is the Green Corridor, which is a centralized area that is committed to green economic options. This includes businesses that provide innovative manufacturing methods or services that promote energy efficiency, conservation of natural resources, and the use of technologies that benefit the environment in Miami as well as beyond.

One of the leading companies in the Green Corridor is Ecotech Visions. Pandwe A. Gibson is the founder and President of this innovative incubator and maker space. Dr. Gibson has long had a focus on environmentally friendly options in technology, manufacturing, and production.

About Pandwe Gibson

Pandwe Gibson has an impressive background in both academic achievements as well as business success. She holds a B.A, M.A, MBA and a Ph.D., and has also taught internationally as well as studied abroad to learn innovative strategies and techniques used in other locations around the world.

Pandwe was a co-founder of the first Charter Management Organization in the southern United States and has also worked in many different businesses and organization in management and senior leadership roles.

Ecotech Visions

After opening Ecotech Visions in the Green Corridor, Dr. Pandwe Gibson was able to focus on bringing in opportunities for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs in underserved areas.

With full access to prototyping labs and light manufacturing facilities, as well as professional services and resources, this is a company that gives back to the community and also allows local businesses with green ideas to thrive.

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