Apartment Workouts to do Without Bothering Roommates in Oxford

When you are living a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to take care of your health. Finding time to shop for healthy foods and daily trips to the gym can get pushed aside for work and school responsibilities. But, instead of neglecting your health, you can find easier ways for self-care. Here are apartment workouts you can get done without bothering your roommates.

Strength Training

Although jumping around and dancing is a fun way to reach your fitness goals. Doing so in your apartments in Oxford, MS, earns you angry glances from roommates and complaints from your neighbors. By lifting weights, you sweat, build muscle, and stay in good standing with those living around you. To get started, bring home a couple of dumbbells or resistance bands. From there, plan a few reps for your upper, middle, and lower body. Also, there are many fitness videos you can follow online.


Many times, you may view yoga as a way to stretch your muscles and relax. Even though it can be great for those purposes, you can use it to burn calories and tone muscle as well. There are many styles to choose from, and you can adjust the intensity based on your fitness goals. Keep a pair of wireless headphones in apartments in Oxford, MS, so you can hear the yoga instructor without disturbing others.

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