Beach Umbrellas

A trip to the beach implies fun and excitement along with the much desired tan. However it is ironical that when we visit the beach and decide to sun soak our hair and skin we need an umbrella to protect us from the harmful rays of the sun.

We want to flaunt that tan but at the same time need to find a solution to keep the rays of the sun minimal. It is here that beach umbrellas step in to do their job and protect us from the rays of the sun. These umbrellas are not only a basic accessory but they are an essential part of our trip and stay to make it comfortable and colorful too.

When you are buying a beach umbrella ensure that you opt for a trusted brand. There are specific guidelines that you need to follow when you are buying a beach umbrella. Since these beach umbrellas need to be carried ensure that you opt for the ones that are lightweight. This will make it easy for you to transport and carry the umbrella from one place to another.

Since you are buying the umbrella to ensure you get the maximum protection from the sun it is very essential for you to buy one that has a large diameter that give you the maximum protection that you are looking for. This, on the other hand, does not mean that the umbrella should be too big so that it cannot fit inside the car. You should be aware of the right and appropriate size when you buy it.

Beach umbrellas come in a six feet and nine feet diameter size. The ones that are nine feet in diameter are difficult to be transported in small or even normal sized cars. When you are looking for a good beach umbrella you must check the anchor. This is the part that firmly fits into the sand and holds the pole of the beach umbrella. There are also hooks that can be opted for fixing the umbrella in the ground. These hooks can also be used for hanging towels too.

There are also hinged beach umbrellas that are available in the market and they give you lasting shade when in the sun. These umbrellas help you to be protected from the sun especially if you are there for long hours. There is another interesting feature that you get in beach umbrellas these days and that is the mesh panel that allows the wind to pass and prevent the umbrella from not falling or being swept away. If you are buying beach umbrellas make sure that you do not go for dark colors.

Lighter shades will reflect back the heat and the light of the sun and in this manner you can be more protected and cool. Some good colors are the neon colors or the fluorescent colors that glow in the dark. The colors that you select should not be too gaudy for the other person to see. In this manner you are able to get a shade that is pleasant, cool and soothing to the eye.

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