Best Tips For Pet Grooming In Orange CA

Talk to your vet about pet grooming in Orange CA. Pet grooming is necessary for good health and hygiene for your pets. A well groomed pet is a delight for you and your family. If you are unable to do regular grooming yourself due to a hectic lifestyle, look for pet grooming services offered by your vet in Orange CA.

Regular grooming also helps in uncovering any health issues, scars or wounds in your pet’s body that you might have missed otherwise.

Basics Of Pet Grooming In Orange CA

Whether you are a dog or a cat owner, make sure to include all the areas mentioned below in the pet grooming regime:

* Brush the fur coat. It removes dead hair and skin and circulates natural oils in their coat.
* Ears must be checked as they are the first areas to get infected.
* Dental care is important for oral hygiene as poor hygiene can lead to gum disease and is linked to kidney and heart diseases in pets.
* Nail trimming should be a part of the pet grooming procedure.
* Check the eyes for any abnormal conditions. Pet’s eyes are very sensitive, so you have to be careful while trimming any hair close to the eyes.
* And finally give your pets a shampoo and a bath. You should use the shampoo designed for pets and not for humans.

For Dog Owners – Pet Grooming In Orange CA

Brushing varies depending upon the length of the fur coat. For smooth and short coat, brush it once a week first with a rubber brush, then a bristle brush and then polish it with a chamois cloth. For short, dense fur use slicker brush and then a bristle brush and for long luxurious coat you need to give daily attention to remove tangles and brush the coat with a bristle brush.

Dogs should get a bath every 3 months at the least. First brush your dog to remove all dead hair and loosen the dirt. Place a mat in the tub, fill few inches with lukewarm water and use a hose . Use a mild shampoo and rinse thoroughly.
Nail clipping is extremely important and should be done regularly instead of waiting for the nails to grow until the touch the ground.

For Cat Owners – Pet Grooming In Orange CA

Cats with shot hair need brushing weekly. Use a metal comb and then a bristle or rubber brush to remove dead hair. With long haired cat, brush the coat every day with bristle or rubber brush. Be gentle around chest and belly.

For bath, brush the coat firs to remove dead hair. Place a mat in the tub and fill the tub up to 304 inches with lukewarm water. Gently massage with a mild shampoo and rinse with a hose.  Use a cat nail scissor and avoid the area where the vein runs into the nail.
For full pet grooming in Orange CA you should take your beloved pet to a professional.

Enjoy your healthy smiling pet with pet grooming Orange CA. For more information log on to

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