Business Owners Should Expect Excellence From a Janitorial Service in Torrance

When a business owner is unhappy with the job being done by its cleaning service, it’s time to give that company a pink slip. A replacement janitorial service in Torrance is ready to take over and do great work. Employees, visitors and clients shouldn’t have to be troubled by the disarray and dust in the facility when a company is being paid to keep everything sparkling clean and tidy.

Demanding Excellence

It’s all right for business owners to demand excellence from a janitorial service in Torrance. This is a place where employees spend 40 or more hours a week. It’s a place where the owner and sales reps want to impress prospective clients who come to the facility. The appearance of the building’s interior and exterior will both make a significant impact on these men and women.

Contracting With a Service vs. Hiring Employees

In larger office buildings, manufacturing plants and other businesses, facility management sometimes includes a janitorial crew. Many of these organizations have found that hiring service from outside the company is more efficient in several ways. There isn’t the added burden on the human resources department, for example. A contracting service like CC Cleaning/Maintenance will always have a team to send over. In contrast, when the janitorial crew members are employees, there is the risk of one quitting without notice and leaving the team short.

The janitorial staff, as employees of the corporation they clean for, sometimes feel like they don’t fit in. They aren’t office personnel or factory workers. They don’t have an easy way to meet other employees except those on the cleaning crew. They may not even feel like much of a team since each may be assigned to a specific floor or department.

A Range of Service

Large businesses will need workers who provide a broad range of service, ranging from daily vacuuming and floor mopping to less frequent projects like window washing. They’ll manage tasks in all the departments and also clean dining areas, break rooms and bathrooms. They have all the right equipment and cleaning products necessary for the projects. Contact us to learn more about one particular service provider.

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