Buying Flowers – Tips from Professional Florists

They say that when you gift flowers, you gift a little bit of your emotions as well. Buying a bunch of flowers without much thought behind them is perhaps worse than no gift at all, because there is no emotion to it. A gift of flowers should show that you care about the person you are gifting them to. However, there are times when the emotion is there, but you simply don’t know how to buy flowers. Yes, florists will tell you about how many mistakes people make when it comes to buying flowers for that special someone, which is why we have here a collection of tips from professional florists to ensure you can learn from them and avoid those errors.

  • Of course, things become easy when you know the recipients favorite flowers. But things are sometimes not that easy. So you have to think. What’s his or her favorite color? A beautiful  bouquet with various types of flowers of that particular color make for a very thoughtful and beautiful gift. Maybe you don’t even know the person’s favorite color. Think about what color she usually wears. What is the most common color of her accessories? These can point you in the right direction.
  • What is her personality like? Florists can tell you that people with particular personalities like specific types of flowers. Fiery passionate people love the warmer, brighter colors as well as larger flowers, so you are safe with the reds and yellows. Soft, quiet people prefer blues and whites. Talk to your florist and buy accordingly.
  • What’s the occasion? While you don’t always need a reason to gift flowers, especially when it comes to a spouse or a girlfriend, remember that not every flower is appropriate for every occasion. So for a wedding, seasonal flowers are the best, with darker flowers perfectly complementing the traditional lighter décor. For a birthday however, vibrant, bright flowers always work well. And on Valentine’s day, if you are going for anything other than red roses, you better know exactly what you’re doing.
  • Always buy fresh flowers and consult your florist. He or she usually has the best advise. And crucially, always find out beforehand if the recipient is allergic to flowers or not. That can turn even the most thoughtful gift into a complete disaster.

Flowers make great gifts – beautiful, deep and meaningful. However, like anything else, if you don’t know what you are doing, it can turn out to be a disaster. So pay heed to these tips from professional florists, Pottstown residents, and all should be well.

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