Can your Plumber Install Water Filtration?

A plumber provides some basic and essential services to your home or commercial property. Plumbing services make safe potable water available for your consumption and also arrange for the efficient and safe disposal of waste and effluents from your home or commercial premises. As the work that a plumber does directly affects the health and safety of the public, the government of the United States demands that the plumbing services most hold valid licenses and subscribe to mandatory statutes and codes.

Potable water quality is a critical factor in your family’s good health. You may not realize the fact that all the drinking water that is supplied to your home or business has been recycled. If you are not satisfied by the quality of potable water supplied to you, you can ask your plumber to install a water filtration system for enhancing water quality using state of the art technology. Contaminated water can cause a multitude of water borne diseases from protozoa, bacteria or virus. A variety of intestinal worms like taenia and ascaris also can cause serious illnesses in their hosts. Cholera, e- coli, SARS, hepatitis A and gastroenteritis are just some of the many diseases caused by contaminated water. 2.5 million people die from water borne diseases every year. Most of the victims are infants under the age of five.

For those with small children and infants in the home, the necessity for clean, uncontaminated water becomes more critical. Children have lower immunity than most adults and are more susceptible to infections. Installing a water filtration plant in your home, ensures your children and the entire family have access to clean, treated water.

Your plumber can install a number of devices to filter your water supply. Physical techniques like filtration and sedimentation can remove suspended impurities in your water supply. Biological processes like activated sludge and slow sand filters are also used to remove impurities. Technologies using chemical processes like chlorination and flocculation and use of UV light to kill off bacteria and other living organisms are effective in water filtration.

Once you hire your plumber to install water filtration, you can be assured of clean healthy drinking water. Instead of littering the environment with empty plastic water bottles, installing your own filtration plant is the more eco-friendly and healthy choice. Your plumber would be qualified to install, maintain and repair your filtration system. When installing water filtration, make sure you hire a skilled plumber. Irvine residents can find qualified professionals in the area for installation of a water filtration system.

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