Common Causes For Vehicle Breakdown That Require Auto Repair In Wilkes Barre PA

You can avoid expensive auto repair in Wilkes Barre PA by good and regular preventive maintenance that can root out any potential problems. No one wants to deal with a car breakdown especially to find out that the root cause was simple enough to fix if we caught in time. This article provides more information on the common causes that require auto repair.

Battery Problems That Require Auto Repair In Wilkes Barre PA

Flat or faulty battery is one of the most common causes to leave a vehicle owner stranded and seek roadside assistance.

Flat batteries are mostly due to a faulty part that drains the battery or a component that uses electricity is left on, a faulty battery charging or a faulty battery itself. If you have not used your vehicle for some time then that can also cause a flat battery. If the battery goes flat gradually over many days then it could be a loose fan belt. If it is difficult to start the car from cold and the engine takes time to turn over, then the lead plates of the battery are probably corroded. If the battery is completely dead and can’t be charged then the battery needs a replacement.

To make sure that battery problems don’t become the cause for auto repair in Wilkes Barre PA, get the battery tested during the regularly scheduled car service. The battery terminals need to cleaned and protected from corrosion. All connections and clamps should be secure.

Engine Fuel/Spark Problems That Require Auto Repair In Wilkes Barre PA

Fuel flow and spark operations are important to keep the engine running. If the car stops running then these two systems need to be checked.

To check the spark, pull-off a spark plug leads at the engine. Set it on the motor where the spark can be visible. Crank the motor and your should be able to see a spark emanating from the lead. Do not touch the lead when the motor is running or you will get an electrical shock.
To check the fuel, disconnect the main intake for air and start the motor for 25-30 seconds. You should be able to smell gasoline, if not then the fuel system is faulty. It is recommended to let a professional check for these problems.

Brake Pads Problems That Require Auto Repair In Wilkes Barre PA

If you hear a loud grinding sound when you apply brakes that indicates worn out brake pads. This can also make the car veer to a side when the brakes are applied. Your auto repair mechanic in Wilkes Barre PA might tell you that the brake pad has worn down to the metal and is now impacting the brake discs. The worn out brake pads will need to be replaced. If the brake discs have suffered damage, they will have to be replaced as well.

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