Decorative Water Walls Provide Privacy and Functionality

Whether installing a new pool or renovating an existing outdoor spa, decorative Water Walls have a unique, elegant appeal that’s ideal for modern-style structures. Unlike a traditional waterfall, a weeping wall works well in areas where space may be limited. This type of wall provides a relaxing, tranquil environment from the flow of water that doesn’t create a great deal of noise. Enjoy the company and conversation of guests without being overshadowed by the rush of water.

An outdoor wall allows guests to enjoy a private, relaxing evening in the pool, even in lots that have a small backyard. The wall can be built to the desired height and installed near the bordering property line to serve as a barrier. For backyards that have an unflattering view, a wall can be used to create an aesthetically pleasing landscape. Whether made from tile, glass or stone, these beautiful walls provide a secluded outdoor setting that allows homeowners an escape from their everyday surroundings.

Yards that are situated on a sloped lot or hillside might not seem ideal for installing a pool. Water Walls allow residents to take advantage of their entire yard space by serving as a retaining wall for a hillside. The wall prevents erosion from occurring while serving as a beautiful focal point for a pool. Regardless of a yard’s size, these functional walls can be used to design a unique outdoor oasis.

A water wall can be used to achieve a sleek, simple look or an elegant design. Glass tile is a popular choice for walls because it has a shimmering effect that can’t be replicated by other materials. A glass wall looks great in the afternoon sunshine or illuminated under the evening stars. LED and fiber-optic lighting can even be used for a dazzling, colorful effect. The lights can be installed above the water surface or underneath for an amazing glow.

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