Define an Electrical Contractor in Vernon, CT

An electrical contractor in Vernon, CT is a business that employees electricians who in turn design, install and maintain electrical systems. The two require different licensing arrangements and electricians are often not allowed to perform any work for the public if he is not employed by an electrical contractor.

Electrical contractor’s employee people who are at different stages of their career in the electrical industry. Some of the common jobs that are held by people who work for an electrical contractor in Vernon, CT are apprentice electrician, journeyman electrician, master electrician, estimator and project supervisor.

Apprentice electrician: will receive on the job training and classroom instruction from journeymen and master electricians and are tutored in the installation, modification, repair and maintenance of power and lighting systems and components. The apprenticeship program normally lasts 4 to 5 years and during this time the apprentice is paid a minimal wages.

Journeyman electrician: has completed his apprenticeship and is the one now responsible for training new apprentices. He has now the skills necessary to accomplish the tasks of the apprentice but can read blueprints, terminate cable and install and troubleshoot control equipment from a drawing. He holds a journeyman’s license.

Patnode Electric are electricians who supervise and is responsible for other electricians on a project. The designation “master” is given to those with an extensive knowledge of the electrical industry and have deep knowledge of the electrical safety codes. A master electrician has sat and passed the master electricians exam prior to licensing.

Estimator: is responsible for calculating the cost and length of time for a project including all materials, labor and overhead. The estimate is normally the basis for the awarding of the job and is used by the electrical contractor in Vernon, CT as the guide as the project proceeds.

Project supervisor: oversees the entire work force assuring the timely completion of tasks and on-site safety, he submits reports as needed to the contractor and if necessary, the client.

Electrical contractors in Vernon, CT will usually focus their attention on one of three general classifications. Electrical contractors who work outside are those who work on the high voltage side, they are involved in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. Their work is normally terminated before the electricity is used to power homes and other buildings.

If contractors work inside they are usually on the low voltage side and they focus on the electrical work inside the building including outdoor lighting. The electrical contractor in Vernon, CT who does this work does the electrical wiring, lighting and machinery installation and maintenance.

The integrated building systems electrical contractor in Vernon, CT works with low voltage climate controls, telecommunications, security systems etc. and have a high degree of skill in integrating the controls.

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