Determining the Best Stocks to Buy

The stock market is an uncertain place, even in seemingly certain times, so when you are deciding the best stocks to buy there are considerations that you should always take into account. It is necessary to have a solid plan for investing or trading and to follow that plan, listening to the latest hype from commentators on the cable financial networks and using their advice as the basis for your investing is a recipe for disaster. It is smart to take the news into consideration, but remember that there are millions of people watching the same news, and if it were that easy the commentators would be drinking a pina colada on a beach somewhere, not reporting news stories to you.

In these days of online individual investing, having the right tools to help you make decisions about the best stocks to buy is vital. There is simply too much data out there for an individual to gather, sort, and analyze in a timely manner to stay ahead of the curve. There are tons of good tools available for free or little cost that will help you  make your investing decisions. Chaikin Power Tools is one of these. It gives you an overall picture of a stock’s outlook (bullish, bearish, neutral) on a dashboard, based on a 20 factor model Marc Chaikin developed. In providing you with a stock’s positive or negative outlook as well as insights into many of the individual factors  that go into that model, it will give you most of the information you need to make an informed decision all in one spot, saving you time and letting you get in on investments quicker.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are choosing your stocks. Always remember that the outlook of one stock doesn’t necessarily reflect the outlook of the entire industry group. The direction of the stock, the industry group, and the general market should all be taken into account, as well as if the stock is actually showing some movement or not. The value of the company and its outlook in business is extremely important. Although analysts are not always right, their opinions can greatly affect the future movement of the stock, so it’s important to know what the general consensus is among them. The actual performance of the company matters as well. If the stock is high and rising but the company is lagging in itsr business, chances are that it will soon fall when its earnings report comes out. Always take into account as many factors as you can when choosing your stocks, including  past performance, current situation, and the future outlook of both the company and the industry group.

The Chaikin Power Gauge rating is a back-tested, proprietary, 20-factor model developed by stock market expert Marc Chaikin. The Chaikin Power Gauge Rating is the centerpiece of Chaikin Power Tools’ stock research reports, iPhone app and desktop app.

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