Features to Look for in a Home Alarm System

Having a home alarm system installed can offer many comforting benefits. Homeowners often feel a sense of relief once they have a home alarm installed because they are a great deterrent against burglars. But what are the features that you should include with your system to feel as safe as possible? Here are some of the latest features that you may want to consider.

One of the most important features to consider when having a home alarm system installed is monitoring. Does the company offer monitoring of your system 24 hours a day? When someone is monitoring your security system, they can alert the police at the first sign of trouble. They can also communicate with you to find out if it’s a false alarm. Some municipalities charge hefty fines for homeowners if the emergency personnel is sent to a home because of a false alarm so when your system is monitored, the security company can alert the authorities which can save you a bunch of money.

Another great feature that is included with some of today’s home alarm system products is a glass-breaking sensor. If a burglar tries to enter your home by breaking a window when nobody is around, the sensor will read this and the monitoring company is alerted immediately. However, your security company will often give you window decals that will show intruders that the house is protected and they will likely move on without any damage at all.

Window and door sensors are also important parts of today’s home alarm system. These sensors are designed to send an alert any time a door or window is opened or tampered with. The alert isn’t necessarily sent to the alarm company, but it can be heard throughout the house. In addition to alerting you if someone is trying to break in, this can also be a great way to monitor you children. You don’t have to be concerned about them sneaking out at night because you will be alerted by a loud beep each time they try to leave.

Keychain remotes are also helpful components of a quality home alarm system. If you’ve ever had an older alarm system, you’ve probably tried to hurry to the keypad at one time or another to punch in your code before the alarm goes off. But with a keychain remote, you can simply push a button once you reach the doorstep of your home and enter gracefully. It’s just a more convenient way to have the assurance that an alarm system can offer.


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