Five Things Victims Need to Tell Their Personal Injury Attorney in Charlotte NC

Individuals can become the victim of serious injuries caused by the negligence or direct actions of others. When someone is seriously injured because of someone else, the victim has certain rights that allow them to pursue compensation. With this information, injured victims will know five things they need to make sure they tell their Personal Injury Attorney Charlotte NC.

What Should Victims Tell Their Attorney?

Hiring an attorney is an important step in helping an injured victim receive the compensation they are due. The first meeting with the attorney is crucial for providing important information. The more information the attorney has, the better equipped they will be to properly represent their client. The following are the five most important things an injured victim should tell their Personal Injury Attorney in Charlotte NC.

• The attorney needs to know if there have been any previous accidents that have caused injuries. Insurance companies will sometimes use this information against a claimant so it is important the attorney is prepared to dispute any claims the insurance company might bring in an attempt to deny the injury claim.

• If the injured party has a criminal history, their attorney needs to know. Although it would seem this information would not be pertinent, it could be used against an injured victim so it is better to be upfront with the attorney.

• If the injured victim has filed for bankruptcy, their attorney needs to know because any settlement could become a part of the estate and the victim could be forced to turn in the settlement money to pay their debts. Sometimes, an attorney can help their client protect their settlement.

• Injured victims who have filed for divorce need to inform their attorney since any settlements could end up going to their spouse. Knowing this information will help the attorney to protect their client’s rights.

• Should an injured victim suffer injuries since their injury occurred, it is important they inform their attorney so the insurance company will not attempt to say the victim is seeking compensation for that injury.

Scheduling a Consultation Is Important

Injured victims need to be aware of their rights and what they need to tell their attorney. For more information, visit Conrad Trosch & Kemmy

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