Frequently Asked Questions About Hardwood Types And Wood Floor Installation

Many homeowners love the look of a hardwood floor, but they often have questions about the different types of wood floors and the installation process. Homeowners who lack experience with installing a hardwood floor should hire a professional company for Wood Floor Installation. Homeowners who want to learn about these aspects of hardwood flooring should read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) What are the different kinds of wood floors that homeowners can choose from to have installed in their home?

A.) There are many options available when selecting hardwood flooring and this includes choosing a solid or engineered wood floor and a certain species of wood. When an individual has a solid wood floor installed, the pieces are cut from a solid piece of wood. The wood that’s used for an engineered wood floor is also genuine wood but the middle and bottom layers consist of wood veneers that are often made out of various types of wood. Engineered wood planks are less costly than a solid wood floor and the installation costs are also cheaper. Homeowners can also select a specific type of wood species to install and popular types include walnut, hickory, maple, and cypress. Each wood species has its own specific color and characteristics that make each one unique.

Q.) Why is it important to have a professional crew install a hardwood floor?

A.) Installing a hardwood floor requires the experience and knowledge of a hardwood flooring installation crew. Homeowners who don’t know how to properly install wood planks can easily damage the pieces. A professional who specializes in Wood Floor Installation has several special tools and equipment that’s needed to properly install a wood floor. Before installing the floor, the subfloor must be inspected and if a solid wood floor is being installed, any moisture that’s in the room could damage the wood flooring.

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