Great Preparation Tips for a Carpet Installation in New Canaan, CT

Carpeting is one of the most popular types of flooring among homeowners. This type of flooring provides an attractive, safe walking surface for household occupants. Unfortunately, factors such as carpet stains, foul odors, and declined carpet padding integrity can mean the need for new carpeting. The following tips can assist a homeowner with getting ready for a Carpet Installation in New Canaan, CT.

Empty the Work Areas

Before the carpet installers arrive, it’s important to empty the rooms where the new carpet will be installed. Completely move all furniture, plants, decorative items, and electronics. Ensure that wiring and cables are detached from televisions, DVD players, game systems, and computers. All cables coming from wall ports should be secured to the wall so they don’t touch the floor.

Remove Wall Hangings

It’s important to remove wall hangings from the work areas. Pictures, mirrors, metal art, tapestries, and wall furniture should be taken down to prevent damage. Vibrations from hammering, sanding, and sawing can cause these belongings to bang against the wall and even fall to the floor. It may be necessary to provide extra attachment for items that can’t easily be detached from the walls.

Cover Important Items

A Carpet Installation in New Canaan, CT may require sanding. Because of this, it’s important to cover belongings in areas adjacent to the work areas. Use large blankets and tarps to cover furniture, musical instruments, and entertainment centers. Also, put a covering over cabinets, cupboards, and shelves. This will help protect dishes and glasses from the dust. It will also keep dust from affecting the materials of these storage spaces.

Prepare Household Occupants

Keep children and pets out of the work areas during carpeting installation. Household occupants with health conditions such as asthma should ideally be in another location during the carpeting installation. Doing this helps protect certain people and pets from airborne particulates due to the installation job.

By implementing these easy suggestions, a homeowner will be prepared for the carpet installers. This can avoid a delay in the installation and extra fees for the homeowner. For information on carpeting services, please talk to a professional at Redi-Cut Carpets & Rugs. This carpet company can handle carpet and rug services so valued customers have beautified homes.

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