Hampton Dentist: An Overview of Root Canal

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Every Lacey WA dentist will tell you that root canal is a normal procedure to save a tooth from being extracted. However, not many patients fully understand what a root canal procedure is and why it is more beneficial than an extraction. They do dread the thoughts of it because it is uncomfortable and somewhat painful, but once the treatment is over you will feel better for it. Root canal is one of the major advances that have been made in dentistry over the decades and it continues to see improvements even into the 21st century.

Why a Lacey WA dentist will do root canal

Your Lacey WA dentist will give you a full explanation for his/her recommendation for root canal. It is generally because there are serious problems with your teeth and gums and this procedure will prevent the problems from getting any worse. If you have a decayed tooth to the extent that the decay has reached the pulp of the tooth then it is essential that you have the procedure to save the tooth, especially if it is in the front of your mouth. If you have severe periodontal disease in which bacteria can enter the tooth pulp through the openings in the root, then the dentist will explain this to you. A third reason for needing a root canal is that the tip of the root has sustained some damage to the blood vessels.

Ask your Lacey WA dentist about the parts of a tooth

When your Hampton dentist talks about the pulp of the tooth, don’t just nod your head and pretend to understand. Ask questions and the dentist will likely show you a model of a tooth and be able to point out where the problems lie with your teeth. The pulp of your tooth is really the nerve of the tooth and the part that causes the pain of a toothache. It is what forms the root of your tooth and it contains the nerves, the blood vessels and the tissue. It is surrounded by dentin, which serves to protect it and the dentin causes a space to develop within the root.

Your Hampton dentist will explain problems with the pulp

Bacteria, tooth decay and periodontist can cause the pulp of your tooth to become inflamed and infected. This is the same with an inflammation anywhere in the body – it becomes sore and painful. Depending on the extent of the damage at the time you visit the Hampton dentist, a new filling may be all you need to help the pulp heal.

Even if the pulp doesn’t heal on its own, a dentist can reverse the damage through a root canal. The cells of the pulp start to die as they decay and this causes an opening to develop around the end of the root. This is where the bacteria enters and causes the inflammation. In the root canal treatment in Lacey WA, the dentist drills through the tooth to remove the dead pulp and to make a space that will hold a filling. You may be expecting the procedure to be really painful, but you will actually find that your Lacey dentist does this virtually pain free.

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