How Concrete Crack Filler Can Improve Your Home

In case you have water pouring into your home each time it rains heavily, you likely already know how Concrete Crack Filler In Atlanta can improve your home. If you do not, you can benefit from understanding the process inside and out so that you can see a substantial change in your home’s quality.

Getting Ready

If you are thinking about repairing the crack on your own, you should make sure that the surface is thoroughly dry. You can dry the damp wall using a blow dryer. However, if this does not work out, you will have to wait for it to dry on its own.

To make sure that your work will not go to waste, you should remove all dirt, debris, loose concrete, old fillers and anything else from the surface of the wall. You can do this by using a vacuum. Then you have to tap finishing nails into the crack at about 12 inches from each other. These will be used to align your injection ports with the crack.

Preparing the Sealer

There are different kinds of sealers that you might be thinking about, such as epoxy filler. You will have to open two containers and take out equal amounts of both part A and part B. For this, you will have to use different surfaces for the parts not to be contaminated. You can use a scrap board and a putty knife to ensure proper mixing. You should blend the parts until you achieve a uniform color.

Adding the Injection Port

Apply a bit of sealer on the bottom of an injection port and make sure that you will not clog its hole. Then, place the port above one of the nails in the crack and slide it through all the way into the wall. Secure the rest of the ports in the same way.

Applying the Sealer on the Crack

Mix some more epoxy sealer and apply it over the entire crack using a putty knife. The sealer should be about 1/8 inch wide on both sides of the crack. Cover the injection ports as well, only leaving out the neck.

Injecting the Epoxy

You should allow the sealer to set for four to six hours and then inject the epoxy through the injection ports. You can do this by using a caulk gun. Start at the lowest port and work your way all the way up. It is important to clog the ports before moving on to the next otherwise the epoxy will come oozing out. Let the epoxy harden for about five days and in the end cut off the necks to smooth the surface.

Now that you know how concrete crack filler can improve your home, you should make sure to treat that crack that has been bothering you all this time and protect the walls of your home against rain and the elements. For more information, visit BlackJackPaving.Com.

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