How Timely Roof Repairs Help Save Money

Wind, rain and sun all contribute to the demise of your roofing. Roofing material like concrete can be very durable, but many materials do not last beyond 20 years. UV rays of the sun are very damaging and can erode the roof unevenly. The south and west faces are more easily worn down by sun damage. Strong winds and precipitation are also responsible for roofing to deteriorate over time. In states that experience heavy snowfall, winter is the time that maximum damage is inflicted on the roof. Massive additional weight of snow and ice can cause stress to the entire surface and supporting structures. To prevent structural damages and water damage, the home owner should inspect the roofing and conduct roof repairs from time to time. If the ridge appears lop sided or the surface looks saggy there might be structural damage and the structure may no longer be strong enough. Professional contractors would have to come and assess the damage and determine ways to buttress the structure.

Heat from your home living space may escape to the attic and melt ice and snow on the roof. Water from melting snow is trapped or refreezes in overhangs creating ice dams that prevent the free flow of water in gutters and downspouts. Water then flows through the path of least resistance, penetrating the roofing material or entering the roofing through the flashings. To stop the reoccurrence of such problems along with roof repairs, the home owner should improve the insulation of the loft or attic to prevent heat loss. Limiting the warm air from leaking into the loft or attic will keep the ice on the roof from melting. Continuous water damage will keep the roof structure wet and dampen the insulation causing structural deterioration, rot and staining.

Worn out or damaged flashings will also permit water penetration into the roof deck. Shingles have to be replaced if they look worn or are missing. Wooden shingles rot over time. Metal roofs also display deterioration and localized corrosion. Priming and painting will prevent further damage to the metal. Flat roofs can exhibit blisters, cracks and bare patches indicating weathering and water damage. Growth of moss, lichens and algae are not a good sign on a roof.
All roofing material has a limited lifespan. Seek the advice of a home inspector or qualified roofing contractor to assess the damage before you seek roof repairs. Wilmington, DE residents can seek advice from local professional roofers for optimum results.


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